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June 12th, 2014 | Happy Tails

Ok – HOW AMAZING IS THIS DOG?!!!!! I know it hasn’t been 24 hours but Hunter is a damn superstar. Seeing him race around my yard when we brought him home had me bawling, he was so happy and free!!!! He has settled right in, has been “ok” with the cat (obsessed but not aggressive), […]

rainy home


June 12th, 2014 | Happy Tails

We couldn’t be happier then we are with this awesome dog! He has adapted wonderfully to life  with us and settled in quickly and easily to his new home. He gets along great with the cats…pheww…..and even gets headbumps from Inara the kitten :) Loves his daily walks through the parks and is always eager […]



June 12th, 2014 | Happy Tails

We adopted Gideon from KWHS in September 2013 when he was just a wee little guy with more energy than should have been possible. Thanks to help from his big brother Crash (golden) and big sister Pumpkin (border collie x), Gideon burns off his excess energy playing with them. He has settled into our family […]


FUNraiser – McKenna and Simon

June 11th, 2014 | FUNraisers

McKenna and Simon visited the KWHS to donate $75 that they made through fundraising! These two enjoyed a tour and held baby guinea pigs while visiting us!


FUNraiser – Ashleigh

June 11th, 2014 | FUNraisers

Two waggin’ tails for Ashleigh who donated $25, dog toys, dog treats and cat toys! Thanks Ashleigh, you rock!

Izzabella 32236

FUNraisers – Ella

June 11th, 2014 | FUNraisers

Ella celebrated her birthday this year by donating to the KWHS! She collected $165 for the animals. We are so lucky to have such great support! Way to go Ella!


FUNraiser – Danielle

June 10th, 2014 | FUNraisers

Birthday girl Danielle wanted to do something nice for the animals this year. She collected donations of pet products and cash to give to the KWHS. Thanks Danielle, you rock!


FUNraisers – Nash

May 29th, 2014 | FUNraisers

Birthday boy Nash donated $49 and cat treats to the KWHS! The cats were so excited whe they saw Nash brining in the treats. Thanks so much Nash!

Owen Vanee

FUNraisers – Aiden and Owen

May 22nd, 2014 | FUNraisers

Thank you to Aiden and Owen for donating blankets, leashes, a gift card and $40! You guys rock!

isabelle Munger

FUNraisers – Isabelle

May 20th, 2014 | FUNraisers

We want to give a big paws up to Isabelle who sold lemonade and donated the money to the KWHS! You rock Isabelle!